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Product research and development

* Independent research and development strength:Meiaisi adhere to the road of R&D innovation ,has been rated as "Wujiang chemical engineering research center" and "Suzhou enterprise technology center ", won the following honors: Jiangsu province private technology enterprises ,Jiangsu province quality trustworthy unit,Jiangsu province small and mid-sized enterprise.

Meiaisi set up the science and technology R&D center, built facilities instruments and advanced research and development laboratory, has more than ten professional cosmetic research and technical personnel, nearly 20 years of experience in research and development and accumulated a lot of cosmetics formula, has strong scientific research ability.
Meiaisi develop dyeing, perm, sunscreen, strong and handsome breast beauty and multiple category multiple series of proprietary brand products since 2000,some of these products were rated as Jiangsu province or Suzhou famous-brand products.Company research and development of core technology was applied to practical production, improve the production efficiency, product quality, process stability and product performance.

*External R&D technical cooperation: In addition to the establishment of science and technology research and development center, Meiaisi also cooperated closely with industry professional research institutes.

1, Meiaisi and Nanjing utilization of wild plant research institute formally signed in November, jointly set up Meiaisi skin research center and production base, mainly including technical support, research on application of natural plant extracts, common development and to declare a national scientific research project, technical invention patent, etc.

2, Meiaisi established the cooperation with C&TECH in December 2014, ,the first big mask production company in Korea , C&TECH’s investment enterprises in China located in the Meiaisi biological industrial garden, cooperation content mainly includes: (1) technology research and development cooperation: develop a series of innovation of high technology content of products,including hair cream, rice mask, etc. Meiaisi also planned to establish Meiasii International Skin Research Institute in Korea with C&Tech; (2)products agency:Agent Pujingxin mask ,actively expand the Chinese market.

Innovation driving development ,Science and technology leading the future!

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